Thursday, April 9, 2009

Getting Ready for Jockey Club Foal Pictures

Lunalor loves the curry comb Chris is trying to pull through her mane. The Jockey club requires a DNA sample from each foal. This is obtained by pulling out by the follicles of about 50 hairs from each foals mane.  Lunalor didn't mind but Buzzing Bayou and Counterstrike were not please with the idea of giving up a few hairs from their cherished manes.  
Luna Lor is the filly and her dam is Spreading the News. Buzzing Bayou is a colt whose dam is Swamp Scare and Counterstrike is a colt whose dam is She's on the Move. Those are the names we submitted as first choice on their application to become licenced racehorses.  We had to think of five more names for each one, but the Jockey Club web site has a list of names currently in use and  none of our choices were on the list.  We also had to submit photos of each one, front, right side, left side and rear.  And then write a check for $200.