Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chris is the guest writer for Horsey Stories.
The horse biz is full of ups and downs. Right now we are experiencing a major down.I am so fed up with throwing away money that I am giving all the horses that I own away. So this should be a time of great happiness; not quite my wonderful neighbor whom I have allowed to use my barn in exchange for feeding and letting my horses out ( I pay for the feed and own the land where they are being let out.)
Our neighbor has decided that five years ago because I said he could use a stall in my barn. He has decided that this meant that he can use my barn in perpetuity. And not only one stall any stall I'm not using ( preferably one I have cleaned.) Right now he has 7 horses in my barn.
The other day he came over and tried to bully my mom into signing a document which would say that I only had rights to MY Barn if the other horses that were in the stalls were mine. Now I know what your saying where would someone come off trying to do this? Well Mr. Terry Romero is a thief ( this is not liable he has gone to jail for grand theft: felony) He is not a nice person. He just assumed I would roll over an allow him to steal my land and buildings.
Expect the story will be continued...

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