Wednesday, February 25, 2009

High Finance

Gary, and I share the ownership of Spreading the News and her foals. Chris is in charge of making sure she eats her feed and runs everyday in the pastures.
Gary checked every horse in the Louisiana Stallion Book. He narrowed the list to ten and finally to three. He nicked his selections after discussing the possible choices with Chris. High Finance was the stallion of choice because of his all round statistics and his ability to run on the dirt. However his photo was not in the Stallion book, therefore Chris and I thought it would be an excellent idea to visit him at the farm where he is standing with my new camera.
As we suspected High Finance is very handsome and we are fairly sure Spreading the News will agree. He was a bit tired when we arrived since he had visited two mares, and it is required that stallions do it the old fashioned way, no artificial insemination.

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