Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It rained off and on all day and foals love mud. The foal with the larger white patch is Spreading the News filly and the smaller white patch is of colt. No we haven't picked out a name for either one. I have a new camera so I'm going to try harder to send pictures.

The colt behind them is She's on the Move's foal whose sister is racing at the Fairgrounds on Feb 13 in the 10th race. She's a Bandit will be number 10 and the race starts at about 4:45 pm. These two are hoping to celebrate her victory. They are hoping for Alfalfa even if it is out of season.

She's a Bandit ran third in her previous race.

Last week Chris and I went over to see how Dixie Blaze was doing. Judy was worried about how she placed her front feet when she galloped. Sure enough she gallops just like her Mother, Swampy. They have been sending her out before sunrise and she was very upset that Chris and I were late.
Dixie is very lovable and she thinks that everyone comes to see her. She will let you hug her and she will even bring her head down to your hand to scratch her ears. Popeye is her groom and unlike her little brother pictured below her coat is clean, her mane is brushed and she is beginning to develop the muscles of a respectable race horse.
It is Breeding season and we have three mares to nick. We are working on it. We think She's on the Move will be bred back to Tricky since the their 2 year old filly is such a lovely lady.

Kaye Shinker

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