Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Where's Lunch?

Horse Whisperer is a technique for training that is used here with huge success. They used to just put the saddle and rider on the horse and let the horse buck until he got used to the concept. But Thoroughbred horses are so valuable they can't take chances with either horse or rider. Therefore they worked out the following method that is similar to the horse whisper story.
When we take a two year old Goldie to Daryl Clavells to be broke to the saddle, he will put her in a round pen every day and let her gallop around and around with a lead rope held by a fellow on a horse in the center of the pen. A few days later he will put a blanket on her back, then in a few days he will add a saddle and then a few more days a rider. After about 2 weeks they lead the horse out of the pen with another horse and rider. They get the horse used to walking up and down a lane and then add a rider on the back. At the end of two months the horse will gallop around a half mile track and walk with a rider around the farm buildings.
Usually we take the horse home for a few months then take her back to the track ready to train for the races.
I feel that I'm the only consistent thing in their lives and I know they recognize me. When Bandit is at the race track she expects me to pet her and you can tell that is exactly what she is thinking should happen. It's like whenever this human comes over to pet me then a few minutes later I get to do something special.

Chris bought an ecumenical King Cake. Chocolate Bavarian Cream Excellent for Breakfast.
Our little super market makes the best local stuff. King cakes are struddell type pastry decorated for Mardi Gras and there is a plastic baby doll buried inside. The person who eats that piece has to buy the next King cake. I save the dolls and give them to my friend Serna who uses them in her dollhouse miniatures. Fortunately she sells a lot of the baby beds she makes at doll house shows.

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